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Sewer Repair Services in Lehigh Valley PA

Sewer Repair Services in Lehigh Valley, PA

At Lehigh Valley Plumber, we understand the urgency of your need for sewer repair service, and we can assure you that we will address the problem to your satisfaction as soon as possible. A cracked or damaged sewer line places your family’s health at risk and can lead to substantial property damages. When possible, sewer repair work is the preferred option for dealing with a leaking or ruptured pipe. However, there are times when a full pipe replacement is needed. When you connect with our sewer repair experts soon, we can inspect your line and provide you with an affordable sewer line repair cost customized to your home’s needs.

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About Sewer Repair Pros

sewer repair services lehigh valley pa

Whether you call our team for basement sewer drain services or for any other type of sewer repair work, we will immediately diagnose the problem and pinpoint the location of the leak. We utilize an advanced relining process that can seal cracks in the pipe without needing to dig a long trench in your yard. This process begins when we thoroughly clean out the pipe through hydro-jetting. The new lining is placed in the clean pipe. Within a few hours, it will harden and will seal all leaks as a result.

We also have a trenchless pipe replacement option, which may be needed when relining is not feasible or sufficient. If our inspection reveals that your sewer line has excessive damage, a hydraulic replacement of the pipe can be effective. This involves pulling a new pipe in through the damaged pipe.

Our team also offers preventive pipe maintenance service, which may help you to avoid the need for emergency sewer repair services in the future. This service includes pipe cleaning, drain cleaning and a sewer line inspection.

When you need fast results for sewer repair near me, we are ready to answer your call immediately. Lehigh Valley Plumber provides fast results for quality sewer line repairs, so call us today to schedule service.

Signs That Sewer Repair Service Is Needed

If cracked sewer pipe repair work is completed promptly, the damage to your home and your exposure to unhealthy sewage waste may be minimized. These are some of the signs that indicate the need to contact us today for sewer repair service:


  • Sewage waste backing up into your toilet, sinks or tubs
  • Slow or no drainage in your tubs and drains
  • Sluggish flushing with low toilet water levels
  • Gurgling sounds in the toilets
  • A foul smell of sewage waste in your home or yard
  • Yard flooding or lush green patches of grass near the drainage pipe

Broken Sewer Line Repair Causes

All pipes on your property can fail over time, but some factors can lead to premature failure and the urgent need to schedule sewer repair service with us. These factors include:

  • Poor pipe design, layout or placement
  • Settlement of ground soil
  • Tree roots growing into the pipes
  • Poor pipe maintenance efforts
  • Excessive buildup of debris in the pipes
  • Backup issues from the main sewer line


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Fast and very upfront! From the moment I called to schedule an appointment to the minute Tyler left I felt like the most important customer they ever had! I know I’m not the most important customer but that’s how I felt. Very honest and helpful. Was told a time he would be here which was 30 minute time frame he was right on time!

Fraggle R.

Very thorough with explaining my plumbing situation and my options. Was happy he provided booties to keep my floors clean. 🙂

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So I came here for pipe advice from one if the workers and they were very helpful and friendly. The one with a beard was very handsome and cute. 10/10 for sure.

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