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Sewer Line Replacement in Lehigh Valley PA

Prompt Sewer Line Replacement Is Essential to Avoid Property Damage

Sewer line replacement doesn’t have to be an onerous proposition. Pipes burst or break all the time, and older hardware is always more prone to failure. Left unattended, however, broken sewer pipes wreak havoc under your home or commercial property. Learn about the dangers of broken sewer pipes and why professional sewer line replacement with Lehigh Valley Plumber is the right way to go.

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Sewer line replacement can only be attempted by professionals. In most places, the law forbids work on sewer lines except by licensed pros, and in any case, the sewer line is not an aspect of your property’s operation that you ever want to take into your own hands.

When faced with the ugly proposition of a broken sewer line on your property, we hope you’ll think of Lehigh Valley Plumber. With years of experience on the job and countless satisfied reviews, we’re the company people in Lehigh Valley trust to come running when disaster is afoot. Call us today to receive a free estimate, and keep in mind that we offer emergency services if you ever find yourself in desperate need.

Broken sewage pipe under house: Instant danger

A broken sewer line may not seem like a big deal, and depending on where your sewer line is situated, a busted pipe might not be noticeable for a while. Eventually, however, the distinctive aroma of fresh sewage will start to seep up from the area of the break, and from there, it only gets more interesting.

Left without professional attention, broken sewer lines can become long-term health hazards to your family, employees, or neighbors. Modern civic engineering disposes of human waste efficiently and seamlessly for a reason: Disease breeds in sewers, and it’s certainly in everyone’s best interest to keep waste where it belongs.

Average sewer line replacement cost

The exact cost of sewer line replacement service depends on various factors. Generally, however, this service costs $1,000 to $4,000. In certain circumstances, sewer line replacement can cost more, but the average price is $2,500.

That might seem like a hefty up-front sum, but the damage caused by broken sewer lines quickly eclipses the costs of professional repairs. Sewage isn’t like water or any other contaminant that can enter the ground via broken pipes. It needs to be dealt with immediately, and it’s not always the best idea to go with the cheapest service provider first.

Types of sewer line repair

Depending on your circumstances, one of a few different types of sewer repair may be appropriate:

– Sewer main replacement
– Sewer main repair
– Sewer pipe re-lining
– Full sewer line replacement

It’s sometimes possible to get away with a simple line repair, but in most cases, multiple feet of line must be dug up and replaced. Sewer line replacement professionals can accurately determine the nature of your line problem and factor the complexity of the task into their estimates.


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Steve just left after fixing my clogged kitchen sink. We called this morning and he was here at the time expected. He explained everything in detail, made sure I understood. He gave an estimate before he began. Brought shoe covers, a floor cover, kept everything clean. When he was finished, he asked if I had any questions or needed anything else. This is all 4 days before Christmas! Totally happy!!

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Recently our service man was Tyler, he was amazing. He was professional and thorough. He explained everything start to finish and very clearly laid out our options.

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