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Here at Lehigh Valley Plumber, one of the most common issues that we encounter during the cold winter months is the presence of frozen pipes. While many homeowners will focus on obtaining space heaters and insulation for their home, it’s just as important that your plumbing pipes are well maintained. When pipes freeze, the ensuing damage can be very costly and may cause water to spread throughout your home. The reason that pipes don’t hold up well when water freezes is because the water expands when it freezes, which places undue amounts of pressure on the pipes. Any plumbing in your home that isn’t adequately protected from freezing temperatures could burst. In order to be prepared for the rest of the winter season, you should know how to prevent your pipes from freezing and how to thaw the frozen pipes in your home.

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How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

There are many steps that you can take before your pipes freeze that will significantly reduce the risk of them becoming frozen in the future. For one, ascertain where the plumbing is situated in your home and where the shut-off valves for the water are located. You should also request regular plumbing maintenance to catch any small issues before they turn into larger and costlier problems.

If you use a sprinkler system for your lawn or have a swimming pool in your backyard, any water lines that you use for these items should be drained of water. The water pipes that are situated in your garage, basement, and exterior walls should be insulated with some high quality insulation. This insulation will help you keep water temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Another great way to prevent pipes from freezing is by running a small amount of water at every faucet on a regular basis. When these faucets are opened up, the running water should prevent the water inside from freezing.

If you require assistance in insulating your pipes or need to have your frozen pipes repaired, contact Lehigh Valley Plumber today to obtain a free estimate!

How Long Does It Take for Pipes to Freeze?

While the exact timing that it takes for pipes to become frozen depends on the pipe material and the level of insulation that you use, pipes without insulation can freeze within two hours. If your pipes are insulated properly, the water inside could still freeze within six hours. However, the air temperature needs to be well below 32 degrees Fahrenheit in order for the water to freeze. Frozen drain pipes can occur if the surrounding air is around 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Keep in mind that your pipes may become frozen quicker if there are high winds in the area.

How to Unthaw Frozen Pipes?

If you believe that there are frozen pipes in and around your household, there are several things that you can do to thaw these pipes before they burst. When frozen pipes burst, the damage to your home can be very costly, which is why quick action is necessary. First of all, it’s important that you identify the frozen pipes in your home. If only a trickle of water releases from a faucet, your pipes are likely frozen. Once the affected pipes are located, shut off the water supply that leads to these pipes.

The pipes that aren’t yet frozen should be opened so that you can drain the water. If you can reach the pipes that are currently frozen, consider applying heat to them with a portable heater or electric heating pad. If you don’t feel safe taking such measures, contact us at Lehigh Valley Plumbers so that we can help thaw any frozen pipes in your home. Once the pipes have been thawed, you can restore the water supply slowly.


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