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All of our plumbers are background checked, licensed and insured to perform work on your plumbing system inside or outside the property

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We are proud of our team of plumbers because they are all going through or have completed their Journeyman. They recieve daily education from manufactures product standards and local educate on city codes and developement. 

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We charge not per hour, but per job. We provide you with several options to fix the plumbing issue at hand.  


Services offered in this category

Gas Piping Services icon

Gas Piping

Perhaps you need the gas line to an existing appliance replaced. Perhaps you’re thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace or cooking area. In any case, the next time you need gas line installation, turn to Lehigh Valley Plumber.

sewer backup icon

Sewer Backup

Sewer backups are unpleasant, even under the best of circumstances. In some cases, they may only be a minor inconvenience. In more serious cases, though, they can damage your property and affect your health. Sewer backups can also be very expensive to fix if not handled properly.

emergency plumbing services icon

Emergency Plumber

Lehigh Valley Plumber is a dedicated company offering emergency plumber services to the businesses and residents of this area. Our company was founded on the understanding that many of the plumbing emergencies in this region prompt surges in the number of service call requests.

Frozen Pipes Icon

Frozen Pipes

When pipes freeze, the ensuing damage can be very costly and may cause water to spread throughout your home. The reason that pipes don’t hold up well when water freezes is because the water expands when it freezes, which places undue amounts of pressure on the pipes. Any plumbing in your home that isn’t adequately protected from freezing temperatures could burst.

Leaking pipes icon

Leaking Pipes

Lehigh Valley Plumber is a competitive company that provides the highest level of service to customers within this region. We offer premium services for leaking pipes, water heater leaking and related plumbing problems.

Sump Pump Repair Icon

Sump Pump Repair

Your sump pump protects your property and the health of those who live in your home. With Lehigh Valley Plumbing, you’ll never have to worry about poor drainage.

Backflow preventer icon

Backflow Preventer

Used water needs to be kept away from clean water. As one of the basics of civil engineering, this idea is common sense, but a faulty backflow preventer could serve as a sore reminder of what happens when plumbing goes wrong. Rely on Lehigh Valley Plumber to solve your backflow issues, and learn all about backflow prevention in this guide.

well Pump repair icon

Well Pump Service

Searching for well pump service near me can become needlessly complicated fast. What’s most important is finding a local company that knows wells inside and out. For prompt, reliable service in the Lehigh Valley area, LVP is the most trusted solution.

$10.00 Off First Time Visits

If we are visiting your home for the first time, we will give you 10$ off your bill no questions asked. The value of your thoroughness, education, and affordable options our plumbers present to you on every visit is worth it. 

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We make the statement because of the customers feedback we recieve on a daily basis. We only care about the end result – your happiness with our services provided to your plumbing system. When you are hiring us it’s because you want the job done correctly and worry free. 

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We will provide you with options that will give you an ideas on costs for the project before we begin any work. 

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